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          Apurahoja naisille jo vuodesta 1920.


The Finnish Concordia Fund supports women's studies

The Finnish Concordia Fund is an association which promotes the studies and scientific qualification of Finnish women. We award annually more than 140 scholarships to support women’s studies. The scholarship recipients are selected based on personal applications.

The scholarships are awarded to Finnish citizens pursuing a doctoral degree or a degree from an upper secondary vocational school. Both work and travel scholarships are available for dissertation writers. During covid19 pandemia travel scholarships are not awarded.

The application period for the scholarships of the Finnish Concordia Fund is during 2‒31 January. Applications must be submitted using the electronic grant application system 

Applicants pursuing a doctoral degree and applying for either a work or travel scholarship must provide the name and email address of two referees. Upon the submission of the application an email is automatically sent to both referees. The email contains a link leading to the electronic grant application system where the referee may view the grant application and give the statement / letter of recommendation. The deadline for referee statements was Feb. 9. 2021. Statements submitted to the electronic application system after this deadline will not be acknowledged and will result in the rejection of the grant application.

The Finnish Concordia Fund - 100 years

The Finnish Concordia Fund celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020. The original Concordia Fund was established already in 1885 to support women’s status and improve their education in Finland. In 1920, the Concordia Fund was divided into Finnish and Swedish speaking associations.

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